Learning Management Systems are a main stay for delivering and managing an organization’s learning and education infrastructure. The evolution of LMS’s has gone from over complicated static environments to more simplified, somewhat dynamic, visually appealing learning environments that essentially do the following:

  1. Provide an eco-system for learning and development
  2. Deliver catalogues of learning modules
  3. Manage user learning paths
  4. House organization’s proprietary courses
  5. Provide analytics related to learning progress
  6. Provide an OPERATIONAL and DEVELOPMENT interface to create and manage courses, develop learning modules, manage access and operational capabilities

We believe that the LMS needs of an organization are best served by engaging in a Managed LMS Service model. This allows for you to focus on the learning and development content needed for your specific learning modules and delgates the management and operations of the LMS infrastructure to us.

Learning & Development Team

  • Focus on Learning and Development
  • Develop training curriculum and learning content
  • Manage onboarding and training programs
  • Assess training programs with real time reporting
  • Deliver dynamic learning programs

Organizational Teams & Users

(Your Users/Clients)

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access to training modules
  • Self-service account management and course enrollment
  • Progress reporting
  • Simple user interface and navigation

Our Managed LMS

(What We Do For You)

  • Dedicated branded LMS Instance
  • Fully operated & maintained
  • User management & support
  • Course Catalog management
  • User, group, or departmental reporting
  • Course development